The purpose of North Shore Hockey Development Academy (NSHDA) is to provide a training ground for elite hockey players to master their craft. NSHDA is derived from the recognition that to build high-level athletes it takes quality repetitions and advanced

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Detailed game analysis for the individual player. NSHDA staff will identify strengths and weaknesses by breaking down their individual shifts. The feedback provided will build the players Hockey IQ, provide a blueprint for the players next steps and the skills needed to reach their greatest potential.




NSHDA staff breaks down the individual skill and helps with the technical understanding so the player truly understands not only the skill but how to apply in the game. The three basic skills of skating, shooting and stickhandling need to be mastered and there is technique behind each skill.  



Private 1-on-1 Consultation are available via Zoom with Coach Taylor.


Contact Ryan Taylor directly to set up an appointment.


Cell - 312-925-5656

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